We Are Changing the Face of Drug Discovery  

With a revolutionary new approach, Serometrix is working to help discover better life saving pharmaceuticals with lower development costs than ever before. Emulating nature to solve the biological complexity of intractable drug targets, our team finds itself with an exciting and rewarding scientific directive. Combining an early stage collaborative business model that can lower risks and shorten development times, we are proud to be part of the union of small biotech innovation and big pharma expertise. It is an idea whose time has finally come.

Company Overview
Serometrix is an in silico Drug Discovery company that delivers novel families of targeted lead stage molecules for development by strategic partners. The proprietary Serometrix discovery platform identifies and emulates wild type protein interactions, providing detailed biological knowledge and delivering synthetic lead stage molecules for licensure and/or co-development.
The company offers significant value to the drug discovery and development process by providing:
  • a proprietary in silico method for identifying protein-protein interaction "hot spots", complementing x-ray crystallography and antibody mapping techniques

  • a proprietary in silico method that yields initial regulatory prototype compounds (wild type ligands) for orthosteric and allosteric manipulation of these "hot spots"

  • an iterative in silico/in vitro strategy which helps define the structure activity relationship (SAR) at, or near, these biologically relevant "hot spots"

  • a family of "induced fit & structure optimized" lead stage molecules which can be further preclinically developed, or utilized by development partners to initiate more efficient and commercially relevant HTS strategies

  • an all encompassing breadth of associated biological IP, including targets, ligand families, and target specific biological processes which can be used by development partners for tremendous competitive advantage