Efficient use of human & financial capital through collaboration

Natural protein conformational change is the key to dramatically expanding new therapeutic possibilities.

With its revolutionary approach, Serometrix is working to efficiently discover drug leads for high value protein targets.

This approach promises to dramatically reduce development costs and time to market for small molecule drugs. The company’s proprietary platform exposes nature’s hidden biological mechanisms, which are evolutionarily embedded and integral to precise regulation of heretofore “intractable” protein targets.  

At its core, the Serometrix Dynamic Drug Discoverysm Platform provides two very valuable elements:

  • identifies the precise location of evolutionarily conserved, conformationally sensitive, interaction sites
  • predicts ligands used to trigger these sites.

This capability is particularly well suited for protein targets that have previously been intractable, or for protein targets that have been successfully drugged with biologics (mAb, protein, or peptide drugs), but where a small molecule would provide dramatic benefits in terms of cost, pharmacoeconomics,  drug delivery, patient compliance, ease of manufacturing, etc.