Drug Discovery Leadership Team

The Serometrix team provides a diverse range of expertise encompassing disease related biology, medicinal chemistry, molecular biophysics and modeling, and proprietary software and hardware development. Our unique cross-disciplinary approach provides effective and rational drug discovery and optimization strategies.

Management Team

Kyle Monroe

Mr. Monroe has over 25 years of management experience. He has a background in mergers & acquisitions, technology transactions, and corporate finance.  Mr. Monroe has been involved with Serometrix since soon after its founding, first raising capital, then as CFO and head of corporate development.  He has been CEO of Serometrix since 2014.  Mr. Monroe founded Peregrine Capital Partners, LLC, a boutique investment banking firm focused on middle market companies. Mr. Monroe holds a B.S. from the School of Management at State University of New York at Buffalo, and an M.B.A. from the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

Michael Muehlemann

Mr. Muehlemann has over 30 years experience as a serial entrepreneur and technology manager, encompassing theoretical and experimental sciences, research, product development, and commercialization. His background includes business development, international sales, and market development, with over 400 products launched.  He has led the development of the Serometrix Dynamic Drug Discovery platform, and continues to direct the development of enhanced in silico tools to drive efficiencies in drug discovery and development.  Mr. Muehlemann holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physics from the University of Missouri.

Thomas Barta, Ph.D.
Director, Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Barta has over 25 years of Medicinal Chemistry experience beginning at Pharmacia, where his research group was involved in antiinflammatory drug discovery, leading to the approval of the Cycloxygenase II inhibitor Celebrex and to Phase I trials of novel hydroxamic acids directed towards inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases. After Pharmacia, he moved to the biotech Serenex where he worked on oncology targets including tubulin and Heat Shock Protein 90. Serenex’s HSP90 candidate entered Phase I clinical trials and the company was acquired by Pfizer. He joined the consulting firm BioLeap where diverse drug, personal care, and agricultural targets were addressed for industrial clients using an in silico fragment-based methodology to accomplish de novo drug discovery. Dr. Barta has a B.S. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry is from the University of Rochester, where he studied with Professor R.K. Boeckman. An NIH postdoctoral fellowship was completed at Northwestern University, also in Organic Chemistry, with Professor A.G.M. Barrett.

Jonathan Bourne, Ph.D.
Director, Biophysics

Dr. Bourne is a translational biophysicist and inventor.  His research interests focus on novel computational methods to study how mechanical forces alter protein conformation and the use protein nanoscale mechanics to interrogate protein allostery. Dr. Bourne has a B.S. in Biophysics from State University of New York at Geneseo, a M.S. in Clinical Investigation from Cornell University (Weill), and his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from Cornell University (Weill).